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Among diverse specialties, our methods zero in on the greatest needs

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By understanding places, peoples, and cultures, we work to resolve problems with ways that work


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2013, Peru, Women & Infant Health


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2014, Peru, Neonatal Resuscitation


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2014, Peru, Women & Infant Health


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Effective humanitarian work

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  • "This training provided me with more useful and practical knowledge about psychology"

    Graduate Student - Shandong Normal University (China)

  • "I learned very good things to put into my own practice that demands this knowledge"

    Participant, Peru Trauma Training

  • "This training was valuable because it is very important to know what we can do to help others"

    Participant, Peru Advanced Trauma

Latest news

Idaho State Journal

On 18 mar 2013 | service

"I like the service and the humanitarian projects"

"American Psychological experts group into the Jinan University School of Education and Psychology Science student classroom"

On 12 oct 2016 | mental health

"To improve students' mental health level to effectively address psychological problems"

"Local group to visit Peru to help improve women's health"

On 26 feb 2016 | humanitarian work

"Reach Out and Learn, an organization made up of local doctors and community members, plans another visit to Peru to hold a health conference, this one focusing on women’s health.""